Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Annual Golden Ticket Crap

Well the annual amusement park awards are out and like always there are a lot of crap in there

Check out the results here

and here are my thoughts:

-Maverick shouldn't be best new ride, too rough. I would have voted for Griffon and perhaps Mystery Mine (I am going in two weeks).

-Bakuli is an excellent waterslide (best new waterpark attraction), but is it better then Deluge or Brainwash I don't think so.

- On the best parks list Knoebels is number 2 and Holiday World number 4, thats crazy. These are nice little places, but shouldn't be in the 'best park' discussion.

- Splashin Safari, nice place but shouldn't be in the best waterpark discussion.

-Friendliest park staff, WHERES THE DISNEY PARKS?!?!?!, i have always felt the customer service was heads and tails better at disney then anywhere else. I noticed nothing special at the holiday world about the staff.

-Best Shows: This category always annoys me SFFT always wins this award and look at the shows they have all similar musical shows. I know shows are a major part of the BGE, dollywood and silver dollar city experiance BUT are they in the same league as Disneys 'Hollywood-MGM' Studios. The studios has: Lights Motors action stunt show, Indiana Jones stunt show, Muppetvision 3-D, Beauty and the Beast live on stage, Voyage of the little mermaid, Playhouse disney and fantasmic. C'mon there is no way six flags fiesta texas beats that.

Best Food: LOAD OF CRAP. Knoebels has inexpensive food so it wins. We'll thats not the category its best food. Knoebels has a lot of food, but couldn't touch the dining experiances at epcot with a ten foot pole.

Lets compare: Knoebels - 1 full service restaurant and four counter service
Epcot - sit down restaurants: Coral reef at the living seas, Garden grill rotating restaurant at the land, Akershus royal banquet hall in norway with character dining, Biergarten in germany with the oompa band, Bistro de Paris & Chefs de France in the france pavillion, you have sit down restaurants also in Italy-China-Morroco, The awesome setting of San Angel Inn in mexico, Rose And crown right on the lagoon in england, the exceptional le celier steakhouse, and the cook right in front of you style sit down restaurant in japan.

Why on earth is the haunted mansion at knoebels number 2 on the dark ride list, i don't think this beats any dark ride at a disney or universal

ok my rant is done

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