Monday, September 3, 2007

Raw Thoughts

As some of you may know i am a HUGE WWE fan, and i am gonna add my thoughts/review in the blog after each time i watch a WWE show. Here they are:

-Umaga lost his belt in a mediocre match to jeff hardy, and then got beat to crap by HHH (taking some really good chair shots and getting decently bloody) probably so he can go on his "Oops i got busted for steroids vacation"

-Nice to see the sandman back, beating up the annoying Santino Marella with the Singapore cain

-The best part about cena beating up regal was that i didn't have to sit through one of his promos.

-London & Kendrick are number one contenders and getting a ppv shot at the tag belts. And its about time, the tag team wrestling in WWE has been terrible and they just fired one of my favorites (Crime Time). London and kendrick are awesome and have been one of the most underutilized things on the roster.

-Davari & Gillian Hall's grease duet was probably the funniest part of the show.

-And now for the main even.......................... some Vince McMahon banter time bull-shit. If I paid 50 dollars for a ticket to WWE RAW and this was my main event, the highlight of the night I would be livid. The Vince's bastard son storyline is terrible, almost as bad as the faking his own death one. Linda McMahon has the worst theme music ever. I don't think anyone wanted to see the "Vince beats up his daughter and wife montage" who thought that would be good TV. And worst of all they bring out a lawyer to tell us this bull-shit is going to continue for another week, as my one buddy would say 'Awful'.

If you watched the show, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section!!


Anonymous said...

bring back tito santana

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