Monday, September 17, 2007

Raw Thoughts

not a good one again, here are the thoughts:

- Orton vs. Cena last man standing at no mercy ……… sweetness should be a good main event

- John Cena had the lame catchphrase of the night with “go thru Randy Orton like a hot knife thru butter

-Great Cena’s Dad vs. Orton, another shit main event. When was the last time there was a good main event match on raw??

- Shelton Benjamin seems destined for tna in my mind

- Hahahaha they pan to hornswoggle eating lucky charms in a child seat tied up

- Cena’s Dad has mic skills as bad as John, I guess it is like father like son

- “I can’t believe I used to pleasure myself to that woman” quote of the night by Santino Marella about Britney Spears

- Flag on a pole match, first time long time

- And now a terrible mcmahon-hornsowoggle-hhh long pointless promo

- Murdoch is the only wrestler as pale as I am

- I might rent the condemned I never seen it

- Why did HHH pedrigee London and Kendrick? Wouldn’t they make cool members of a new dx!!

- Glamazon isn’t a bad nickname for a woman wrestler

- Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet hhh vs. carlito next week steel cage

- Kyle Farnsworth sucks

- Cody Rhodes should not have anything to do with any main event ever

I want my 2 hours back

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