Sunday, September 9, 2007

VMA thoughts

Tonight was the annual mtv vma awards, i made the mistake of watching this over the giants/cowboys game, here are my thoughts:

-It opened with Britney spears dancing (poorly) and singing (poorly), in underpants. She was kinda fat and i felt dirty watching it.

-Sara silverman had some offensive not funny jokes next

-The light up tables that doubled as a stage was pretty sweet

-The nominee videos looked like something a mentally challenged third grader made on his iMac, as my one friend would say 'awful'

-What was up with all the one minute long half assed mini performances from hotel rooms

-Rhianna is a hottie

-That singer from fallout boy (you know the one with the sideburns and the fuck hat) is the kind of person that i just feel like punching in his pudgy face

-At one point i got bored and started watching the giants game, and started laughing when i remembered some sports analyst referring to cowboys QB Tony Romo as "The Romosexual"

-Chris Brown killed it, the only performance of the night i enjoyed. Those were some sick moves.

-Was that a Farnsworth Bently sighting? Please note i like Farnsworth Bently much more then yankees reliever (and head case) Kyle Farnsworth.

-TI sung his 'whos now' song

-Shia Ladouche said the new indiana jones movie was gonna be called "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" which immediately made me think of the awesome Tokyo Disneysea attraction Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull

-T Pain had a sweet mic

-Linkin Park was just awful, a lot of screaming things that i don't think made any sense

-Vinny Chase was presenting and had a digital camcorder with him, it looks like one of those HD internal hard drive ones that i want. It would make my podcast 800 times better .........................that and editing.

-Then i got bored again and was thinking that "I hope this gets over before the Chris Berman/Tom Jackson Sportscenter" cause thats awesome and that will have yanks highlights on it. Yes, the yanks that lead the wild card by 4 games!!

-Vegas looks sweet and i want to go

-A kid rock appearance, who knew he was still around

-There was a commercial for the "Cheesey Beefy Melt" from taco bell, that looks good and i want one

-Dr.Dre announced that the long awaited Detox is indeed coming, very good news

and thats all of um, post your comments in the comments section

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