Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cedar Point Packed

Hey Guys,

Well last weekend i went to halloweekends at cedar point for the first time. I was at the park with my buddies from in the loop Clint Novak & Will Holder. The park on saturday was the most crowded i had ever seen any amusement park ever. There were people everywhere and lines for everything, like 40 mins for food, 2-3 hours for dragster-maverick-millenium force. And the most absurd AN HOUR FOR CORKSCREW!!!

The trip kicked off with a lunch buffet at Chet & Matts which was excellent. Then once inside the park it was time for one of 3 rides on maverick. One great thing about maverick is that in the queue house right before the station occaisionally there is a ballon that people bounce around, which while simple really passes the time. My first time on this back in august was very rough and not that enjoyable, but this time (for 2 out of the 3 rides at least) it was a fun ride. Me and Clint rode front row in the dark and that was AWESOME. If your goin to the point definetely ride maverick front row, the lines for the front arent really that bad.

Next was the first of 2 viewing of the new halloween parade. A good short show with a catchy jingle. I really liked the costumes and the big rock monster float. Next up was a awesome ride on wicked twister (whose location i just love looking out over the lake). Followed by a ride on disaster transport, where half the queue was done up as a egypt themed haunted house.

The longest line of the weekend was next 2 hours and 20 minutes for top thrill dragster. The line was so long due to 2 breakdowns and insane crowds. Awesome ride though.

Then it was dark and the park looks GREAT with fog lighting and halloween activity.

The next day was much less crowded. It kicked off with a ride on my all time favorite roller coaster Millenium Force. Which was awesome as always.

We got a lot of rides in that day (mean streak, magnum, gemini, mine ride etc...). I also did the paddlewheel excursions for the first time in a long time and that was a blast i had no idea the skippers did 'jungle cruise' style jokes.

All in all the trip was a blast and i am gonna miss cedar point till i go in 2008.


Maverick (3x)
Mean Streak
Monster Midway Invasion Celebration (2x)
Cedar Creek Mine Ride
Paddlewheel Excursions
Top Thrill Dragster
Disaster Transport
Wicked Twister
Millenium Force

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