Thursday, November 8, 2007

Third Base for NYY

Who should play third for my favorite team the New York Yankees, here is what i WANT them to do:

1. Trade for Miguel Tejada: This would do two things fill the third base hole and the o's are interested in farnsworth as part of the trade package. Tejada also doesn't have a contract that is too bad (2 years 26 million) and probalby wouldn't cost you near the prospects Cabrera will.

2. Sign Aaron Boone & platoon with Wilson Betemit: That would be a cheap way to go and give you a decent lefty righty platoon that combined would probalby hit between 20-30 home runs.

what i DON'T want them to do:

1. Sign Mike Lowell: The guy is old, The guy will be overpaid and his impressive stats last year came from playing in righty friendly Fenway Park.

2. Trade good young pitching for Miguel Cabrera: Offense wasn't the problem for the yankees this year, it was pitching. Trading the future in one of Huges-Kennedy-Chamberlain for an impressive hitter with an ever expanding waist and whose future is proably going to be a DH, I really don't think is the way to go.

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