Thursday, February 28, 2008

Busch Going Big In Dubai

Well Busch Parks had their Big Announcement today and they are building a worlds of adventure in Dubai. This is HUGE for the company 4 parks on one island (Busch Gardens, Sea World, Discovery Cove & Aquatica). And the island is in the shape of a giant killer whale, only in Dubai.

Now personally I don't know anything about Dubai, I couldn't find it on a map or tell you anything about it besides they are building a bunch of stuff there. I think on top of the 4 Busch Parks there are plans for a Universal park there and a 4 billion dollar Warner Brothers park and a 1 billion dollar dinosaur theme park. Lots of building.

The part of this announcement that really intrigues me is the new Busch Gardens park. I mean, you can figure Aquatica & Discovery Cove, and that the seaworld will follow the mold shamu-sea lion show - dolphin show, but a new Busch Gardens is interesting. I mean there are only two and they are old (BGA 1959 & BGE 1975)and each have a distinct theme (africa & europe), so what will they do now building the first busch gardens in 37 years? What theme will it get? What rides will it have? One thing is for sure and thats it will be an exciting park to follow in an exciting place.


The Coaster Critic said...

I saw a documentary on Dubai recently. It's insane how fast that city is coming together. Skyscrapers are just springing up out the sand, seemingly overnight. There was just news of a Sega Theme Park coming to Dubai and now this Busch news. It's unprecedented, three parks in one. Obviously, they see a lot of growth there. I love Busch parks, but I doubt I'll ever make it to Dubai, so in a way I hope the BG park isn't TOO impressive.

Anonymous said...

i feel the same way. Dubai is popping up so fast..a huge tourist based city! I'm thinking by the time the parks are built and open, i will be older, but by that time, dubai will be so expensive to travel to and stay that i won't be able to go. what if Dubai becomes the new orlando. Theme Park capitol of the world. I like that U.S. has that title because i have and still can actually do orlando. So i am hoping their parks won't be nearly as good as our busch,universal parks. Savion