Friday, February 1, 2008

Coaster Blog FRENZY

Well the boom when it comes to coaster blogs looks like its starting to kick in, we got a bunch springing up this week saw two new ones in:

The Thrill Holder Blog
My buddy from coaster crew Will "The Thrill" Holder started up his own blog, with a very good first entry.

Coaster Radio Blog
Coaster Radio IS BACK .............. in blog form. That reminds me of the simpsons episode where Bart & Milhouse are talking and Milhouse goes "It's Alf, he's back in pog form". Anyway Mike Collins and the boys are back to posting coaster related stuff on the net. They got two posts up and the new forum forums have made there glorious return, only if they could resurrect there show.

So looks like the a walk in the park blog is getting some stiff competition from some of the big boy sites. Still my favorite coaster blog is News Plus Notes.

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