Friday, March 14, 2008

2007 Park Attendence Numbers Out

The 2007 Theme Park Attedence Report it out!!

Check It Out Here

Always interesting when these come out, here are some of my thoughts:

HOLY CRAP 17 Million at MK, thats absolutely insane

Animal Kingdom has REALLY climbed the attendence ladder the years after adding everest, just missed out on beating out the studios.

I am always amazed that CW is the #1 seasonal park.

12.5% at BGE was the biggest 'jump' probably from Griffon being added. Interesting that this coaster didn't generate a lot of 'buzz' in the enthusiast community compared to maverick or mystery mine, but had a much greater impact.

Great Adventure down again. And just got whomped by Hershey which is on a major upswing after the boardwalk / 100 year celebration.

Maybe next year SFGAm will catch SFGAdv for top dog in the chain!!

The global disney dominance is really incredible, owning the top 8 attendence parks in the world.

and think about this:
Entire Cedar Fair Chain: 22 Million
Entire Six Flags Chain: 25 Million
Magic Kingdom By Itself: 17 Million

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