Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Weekly Topic: Steel vs. Wood

This Weekly Topic comes to us via The Coaster Critic and his topic is probably the greatest debate in the history of Roller Coaster fans: Steel vs. Wood, except he puts the spin on it What if you could only ride one type?

My pick would be Steel because there is just soooo many different things you can do with it. I mean most wood coasters feel rather similar, but a flyer feels nothing like a spinning mouse. I have 8 steel coasters in my top ten and only 2 woodies.

I then got to thinking about what kind of park I would make with all steel or all wood. Here's what I got:

Wood Park
An El Toro style Intamin
A Beast/Voyage long ride thru the woods with tunnels
A Thunderhead style GCI Twister
A Coney Island Cyclone/Phoenix old school style ride
A Lightning Racer style dueler/racer
A Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain style 'mini-car' style coaster
A Blazing Fury style indoor coaster/dark ride
A Flying Turns (that won't take 8 years to build)

Steel Park
A Millenium Force style speed & height giga
A Nitro style airtime machine
A Kingda Ka/TTD 400+ foot rocket
A Montu invert (tunnels and trenches a must)
A Big Thunder/Everest highly themed mine train
A Tatsu large terrain flyer
A Medusa/Kumba looper
A Revenge of the Mummy highly themed indoor adventure
A X 4D

And i could have the list go on: spinner, bobsled, suspended, dive, el loco etc)

My vote: Steel

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