Monday, May 5, 2008

2 Cool 2008 Additions

Niagara's Fury

This very cool looking sensory attraction is coming to the Niagara Falls area. Be sure to check out the preview video in the link above because this thing looks like its on the cutting edge of technology. From watching the teaser, it appears that this is next generation circlevision meets a Poseidons Fury style effects. I don't have plans to be anywhere near Niagara Falls this year, but this looks like a must see.

The River Troy

They had me at Worlds Fastest River. I have never been to the dells and hope to go for the first time this summer (if anyone has some tips for a dells newbie post them in the comments), and Mt.Olympus is a must hit for me with Hades, last years addition of a giant wave pool and now this. After seeing the videos of the fast 'lazy' river from Sea World's Aquatica, its hard to believe this is going to be faster. The idea of it going indoor and outdoor is neat as well.

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patrb said...

hi, Pat. The dells is a great vacation spot, especially for the waterparks. Even though Mt. Olympus advertises The river Troy to sound great, I would'nt expect it to be so fantastic. the park is nice and does have some big thrills, but compared to Disney or Universal, the experience and themeing isn't so stunning. It really can't even be compared to a Six Flags but is good for the dells. The indoor Parthenon park is also kind of a let down. The hotel at mt. olympus is renovated but when I stayed there beforehand it was small and uncomfortable, also bad service throughout the park. For a first time dells visitor, you should hit Noahs Ark which is the original and america's largest waterpark with over 40 waterslides, two wave pools, two rivers and more. Compared to Mt. Olympus, they have the most innovative rides like longest water coaster, bohemoth bowl, 10 story body slide drop, and more. As far as indoor waterpark resorts go, the Dells' specialty, the Kalahari Resort is by far the best experience, has best rides like watercoaster and flowrider, and has a great outdoor waterpark too. The Wilderness Resort is second best. But, best for summertime, if you just want to hit outdoor parks like Mt. Olympus and Noahs, and a bunch of other attractions that are scattered along the strip and downtown, there are a bunch of value motels on the strip and most offer discounts to the parks. hope this helps.