Thursday, May 22, 2008

Final American Idol Thought

Well first off my new computer is up and running in my apartment (most of my 3 day weekend will probably be spent getting it up to speed with all my files and programs). Look for some Orlando PTRs starting up over the weekend and a new podcast episode from Toy Story Mania at DHS.

American Idol had its finale last night, which I found pretty entertaining. The guy who sang 'I am your brother' in full outfit with the USC marching band was a lot of fun. Of course I was a little surprised to see an ad for the American Idol Experiance coming to Disney Hollywood Studios. They also got David Cook doing the classic "I'm Going To Disneyworld" line. I was very happy he won as he has been my favorite for most of the season, even though Archileta did much better Tuesday night.

But Idol is over, I am back from Florida, New CPU is working and ready to get things rolling again here at A Walk In The Park.

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