Thursday, May 1, 2008

May is gonna be a good month

I am very happy May is here, it is going to be a great month for me as far as parks go. Check out where I am headed (and I hope to see some of ya out at a few):

May 10-11
Opening Weekend At Cedar Point
Nothing spectacular new this year, but I love spending a weekend at the point. I went last year and the crowds were medium on the saturday and then really light on Sunday. The one thing I am looking foreward to is >Skyscraper as I have never been on one of those.

May 14-18
Orlando!!!!! and going to:
Universal Studios Florida (for The Simpsons Ride)
Magic Kingdom (because its awesome)
Disney's Hollywood Studios (for Toy Story Mania)
and either EPCOT or Sea World (I haven't decided yet)

May 21
The Dark Knight Coaster Opening Day at SFGAm

May 23-26
Holiwood Nights Coaster Enthusiast Event
maybe some side trips to SFKK and KI

Looks like a good month right!!


Anonymous said...

Skyscraper will not be open opening weekend according to OnPoint. Sorry!

Pat McCabe said...

Yeah I saw that. It sucks, but I am sure I will be at the Point a few times this year.

Also looks like Holiwood Nights has been canceled for me. A few of my buddies bailed on me and a better oppurtunity for Memorial Day Weekend has presented itself.