Sunday, June 1, 2008

May Blog Report

Hello everyone, Today I introduce a new monthly segment he on the A Walk In The Park Blog, The Monthly Blog Report. One of the cool things about running a blog like this is using Google Analytics to get all the stats and info on the blog. One of my favorite features is the program shows what people searched for on google or yahoo that led them to this blog, which some are very odd, some entertaining and some just flat out make no sense. So here it is the Report for May, hope you get a chuckle out of some of the oddball searches.

May Blog Page Views: 1,118

May Oddball Searches

anyone has done dca electrical courses

aquaman the ride dimensions

beer at cedar point

brazillian tour groups disney

cedar fair trash cans

gay clubs pleasure island

.09 apartment ghetto blog work at home griffon

did primeval whirl make you sick

fuck i park

geauga lake and pronounce

joey fatone

knoebels dreamsuite

lighted coils

orlando disneysea

six flags great adventure blog played on trash can

six flags weekly pay

when is the movie a walk in the park on tv

whos sings the song dirt water played at fenway park

Some pretty odd stuff in their right??

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