Friday, August 15, 2008

2009 Is Gonna Be A Good Year!!

YES. I know its August of 2008 and most of us nerds are still thinking about the last few months and upcoming Halloween events of the 08 season, but I find myself REALLY looking forward to the 2009 season. I mean, was it just me or was 2008 just a complete suck year for new roller coasters. We saw a bunch of coasters moved around (Aftershock, Dominator (DAMN), Voodoo, Thunderhawk), some cheap stuff from Six Flags (Dark Knights/Tony Hawks), rehabs billed as new attractions (X2, Simpsons). I mean there were some bright spots Evel Knevel & Ravine Flyer have gotten good reviews, Toy Story Mania is a blast and all eight people that went to Hard Rock Park seemed to enjoy it mostly for the details and theme not the rides. Farhenheit looks rather mediocre, as do the dual coast motocoasters. But nothing that really had the HOLY SHIT book my flight I gotta get on that.

NOW 2009 on the other hand is going to just kick ass. I mean you already have three coasters announced in Sea Worlds Manta, Universal's Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit and Kings Island's Diamondback that look better then any of the coasters that opened in this country this year. Then there is a trio of un-officially announced GCI coasters for California's Great America, Worlds of Fun and Six Flags Magic Mountain. Sure 09 has what a few that no one really care about (American Idol, Carowinds Boomerang and the insanely dumb Creature from the Black Lagoon Musical), but those 6 we know about sure sound solid. Out of the 6 I think I am most looking forward to Rip Ride Rockit pretty much cause I have never been on one of those before and flying around Universal Orlando with music blasting is gonna be outstanding.

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tigellinus said...

Well, one exception is Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland....without question, best B&M hyper ever!! That IS worth a plane trip to ride a couple dozens of times.

However, if you just wait a year, Diamondback at KI in 09 will be very similar to it and in the US!! So in a way, 08 has been pretty mediocre...but if D-back never existed, then Behemoth is absolutely worth a stand-alone trip to CW!!