Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pilgrims Plunge

So Holiday World announced the Worlds Tallest Water Ride that they are calling Pilgrims Plunge. The intamin creation is a next generation of Shoot-The-Chutes ride. The ride has a absolutely crazy looking double elevator lift system.

Here are my thoughts on the ride:

- That is one odd looking ride, seriously it doesn't look structurally sound.

- I wish they would have gone with a Perilous Plunge-esque ultra steep drop instead of the mellow 45 degree one.

- Its giving me a 'Dive To Atlantis' feel.

- I love the idea that you can get to this ride from the waterpark as well as the regular park. I am someone who tends to avoid any rides that get you soaked head to toe while at the amusement park, the minor fun of getting wet isn't worth risking my cell phone/camera or having soaked shoes all day.

- $4.3 million isn't bad for the worlds fastest something.

- The elevator lift will probably be the best part of the ride.

- The Holiday World logo & American Flag at the top of the tower will make for a nice picture and an icon at the park.

- Could probably use some theming.

- I don't get the Over The Shoulder Restraints, you don't go upside down or even close. To me the feeling of being flooded by a big wave while under Over The Shoulder Restraints would feel like drowning.

- That park keeps getting bigger and bigger.

- To me the biggest question will be how much downtime will this thing have. Its an Intamin prototype, so problems are very possible and even likely. Holiday Worlds maitenance team has been excellent at taking care of wooden coasters, but this thing is another animal and its operation will be something to watch in the upcoming season.

- Not something that will get me to make a specail trip to the middle of nowhere Indiana (where Holiday World is at), but a cool looking ride.

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Ryan said...

The restraints are like the ones on Maverick and Kingda Ka, only they don't have the shoulder part, just the lap bar.

I too agree that this ride would be far more interesting if the drop was more like Perilous Plunge.