Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cedar Fair - "Less Pain In 2009"

So this past week Carowinds Announced Carolina Cobra For 2009, which of course is a left-over from the deceased Geauga Lake park. The most interesting part of the announcement to us coaster dorks was that this boomerang will feature a new style of trains that will hopefully reduce the headbanging associated with Vekoma rides. The restraints are very similar to that of a flyin coaster. While the used boomerang isn't all the Carowinds Fanboys (who are much like cubs fans with the perenial "Wait 'Til Next Year" attitude) wanted, at least the trains will give to be semi-excited about a visit to the park next year.

Maybe Cedar Fair if this is success they will look at adding the new style trains to Thunderhawk at Michigans Adventure.

And when your talking about Cedar Fair and Pain, Mean Streak at Cedar Point generally comes to mind. And there is a very interesting report on Screamscape about Cedar Fair Suits Looking At Mean Streak With GCI People. I am not sure what GCI would do with Mean Streak, maybe some re-profiling, maybe some Millenium Flyer trains?? Who knows but whatever they might do can't make Mean Streak any worse.

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