Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Fun Is Coming Back

So I have had a few relatively quiet weekends in a row now, but that all comes to an end starting this weekend. From now until November I got fun stuff lined up, check it out:

St. Louis Sept 19-21
This should be fun this weekend. I have never been to Six Flags Saint Louis before and I am looking forward to it. I really want to ride Evel Knevel, Mr. Freeze and the Scooby Doo Shooting Dark Ride. The other day in St. Louis I am going to do the touristy stuff such as The Arch, The Zoo, of course the Busch Brewery Tour. I also want to check out the City Museum after seeing this cool looking PTR.

Disney World Sept 25-28
This is the one I am looking forward to the most out of all the weekends. The main reason I am going down this time is for the final weekend of Pleasure Island & more specifically the Adventurers Club. I have always enjoyed my drunken adventures at PI and the Adventurers Club is my favorite bar that I have ever been to. I am hoping to get two nights in, including the last night ever. Also when I am in WDW I plan on checking out Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party for the first time and also riding all my favorite disney world rides and eating plenty of tasty food.

Purdue vs. Penn State October 3-5
Meeting a bunch of my old college roomates back at Purdue for a football game. Not coasters here, but should be a fun time.

Halloweekends Cedar Point October 10-12
I am going to fight what are sure to be insane crowds at CP to check out there Halloween stuff. I am looking forward to giving the new pirate themed Terror Island scare zone a try.

Monster Beach Party at Indiana Beach October 17-19
First year IB is trying to put together a Halloween event, so I will drive down and check it out.

BGE Hallowscream & KD Haunt October 24-26
This should be a fun trip. I love Busch Gardens Europe and have never done there Halloween event but have heard good things. Kings Dominion isn't my favorite park, but I get in with my platinum pass and never done there halloween stuff either.

Six Flags Great America Closing Weekend October 31 - November 2
Probably going to go closing day to my home park. I am goin to see what little stuff they do for Fright Fest, but I really enjoy the musical stage show they put on during haunt season.

So, thats the schedule. Looks fun doesn't it!!


tigellinus said...

So let me get this straight....the long hours of work at the day-job are NOT fun?!?

Javier said...

Halloween is really the finest time of the year for fun and enjoy.