Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Erik The McMuffin

So this past weekend 3/4 of the In The Loop Podcast Crew went to VA for a weekend of coaster riding. The one that couldn't make it was Erik Yates, we missed Erik on the trip so much so we decided to replace him with a McMuffin wrapper. Here are some pictures of Erik The McMuffin on some of his adventures this weekend.

Here is Erik with a Jackhammering Grover (at the BGE Sesame Street Land construction zone).

Erik in front of some little kids in line.

Erik on the swings.

Erik being used as an air hockey puck.

Erik being held by little kids in the foam pit at KD, shortly before being ripped apart.

1 comment:

TheRapidsNerd said...

Lol! Bloody awesome! I will never look at McMuffins the same way again.