Monday, November 24, 2008

Cedar Point Halloweekends Show Now Up!!

This week on the show (Season 3: Episode 45) it is the LONGEST EPISODE OF A WALK IN THE PARK EVER from Cedar Point's Halloweekends. I got lots of footage from the halloween event including:

Monster Midway Invasion Celebration Parade
A Special Appearance From Jordan of CoasterFanBase
Space Spiral
A Ride On The Cedar Point Railroad Thru Boneville
And I Go Thru Two Of The ScareZones.


wazomike said...

great show pat the episodes just keep getting better. i really liked how this episode was longer.

TheRapidsNerd said...

This one gave somebody who's never been, a real good feel for Cedar and some of the haunt astmosphere.

Beer:30 is a welcome and comical addition to the show and it really made the Zoo episode.