Monday, January 5, 2009


So when I was home in NY for Christmas I got the chance to take the train into New York City for a day and spend the day exploring.......... and taking pictures for the blog.

Fancy McDonalds Sign

Ripleys Believe It Or Not Museum, a relatively new edition to NY's lineup of attractions. I have been to a lot of Ripley's (Key West, Niagra Falls, Wisconsin Dells, Hollywood) and I can say the NY location is easily the best I've been to.


Robert Wadlow, Tallest Man Ever, Ripleys Museum Staple.

Cow With Extra Leg

Beautiful Wooden Car/Boat

Worlds Fattest Man

See The Smile On My Face, There's A Reason For It. Whenever Someone Sits On The Couch (An Obvious Photo Spot) A Speaker Implanted In The Couch Made A Loud Farting Noise And The Moose Above The Couch Would Move. Pretty Funny.

This Was My Favorite Gag In The Place. Those Two Wax Figures Of People Pretending To Take A Picture, Is Placed Right On The Other Side Of A Doorway, So That People Walking Towards The Next Room Would Pause & Stand Still Not To Interupt The Folks Taking The Picture......... Until They Realized It Was A Hoax. Worked On Everyone That Passed Through The Door, Including Yours Truly.

These Two Cool Animatronics Were Located Right By The Entrance & Would Sing Along To Modern Songs Played, It Was Funny Because It Was All Modern Songs Like Akon etc...

Me & Dad Posing With "Enigma" A Sideshow Freak Who Was Doing Shows Hourly At The Ripleys Museum.

A Beautiful Sight To Myself & All My Fellow Yankee Fans. This Modells (Local Sporting Goods Store) Was Literally Half Yankee Shirt Jerseys. And Yes, Of Course I Picked Up The New CC.

Times Square On The Gloomy Day

This Is One Of Those "Only In NYC" Type Of Things. A Set Of Highly Themed Bathrooms In The Heart Of Times Square Complete With Custom Made Charmin Bathroom Theme Music.

Another 5 Blocks, Another Icon.

"The Cube" Apple Store, Very Popular.

Greeter Outside FAO Schwartz.

The Muppet Whatnot Workshop Inside FAO. It Was Very Cool, You Got To Pick Your Own Muppet Parts (Head, Nose, Eyes, Body) & They Would Build It For Ya. Very Cool, But Pricey At Over A Hundred Bucks.

It Was A Busy Day In NYC.

Last Pic, The Worlds Most Famous Christmas Tree.

I Hope You Guys Enjoyed The Pictures, It Was A Fun Day!!


TheRapidsNerd said...

Looks like that Ripley's had some VERY different and cool attractions. Was really surprised at how much I enjoyed Gatlinburg's. You might enjoy it as well. And Muppets at FAO Schwartz? Nice! Thanks for posting these pics for us who haven't toured the big apple yet.

Anonymous said...

Cool story, bro.