Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A-Rod *

So I got this comment on the ol blog today:

"When will you be blogging about A-Rod!!

Btw, I am a fellow die-hard Yankees fan!"

First off, if there is any topic you guy want me to blog about, just post in the comments section of any blog post and chances are I will do so.

Moving on to Mr.Rodriguez. For those of you that don't know I am a HUGE fan of the New York Yankees, I grew up in Long Island New York and have been to the stadium more times then I can count. I watch every game I can, probably around 120-130 of them each season. So this Saturday when I woke up, walked to the computer to find messages from 6 of my friends informing me that A-Rod tested positive for roids I was pretty depressed.

The more I thought about it the more depressed I got. It actually ruined my entire Saturday (going to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop didn't help). I felt betrayed, I felt angered, I felt worried cause I know A-Rod is super sensitive and was concerned about what this controversy would do to his on the field production (I mean I am a fan of the Yankees team first and certain players second and Alex isn't my fav on the team).

I think most of all what depressed me was what A-Rod was supposed to be, he was supposed to be Baseball's White Knight, the one that breaks all the home run records and takes them back from roided up freak Barry Lamar Bonds. But no, thats gone now. I mean even if the Yanks wouldn't be having a good year (unlikely) then I would still seek enjoyment from watching the quest of A-Rod to set things right, not anymore.

I was proud on Monday when he fessed up and admitted his mistakes and that he did it. I would have hated for him to take the Bonds or Clemens approach of fighting it with never-ending headlines and stories and congress hearings and lawsuits. He was a man about it, explained his usage and asked for forgiveness.

Myself, this makes me less proud to wear my A-Rod T Shirt or Jersey, or have my sweet bobblehead pictured above. It opens up my beloved Yanks to even more criticism from jealous fans of other teams. I will still watch my 120-130 games this year, watch this year as the Yanks win their 27th championship and cheer on my favorite team as I always have, but won't be rooting as hard for #13.

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TheRapidsNerd said...

When I first saw the news about A-Rod and the Yanks, I thought "uh-oh..." Feel for you and I'm sorry, especially since this is something that's very close to your heart. My sincere sympathies friend.