Saturday, March 21, 2009

Old School Universal

So, I was linked to this series of 9 YouTube videos from the old 1991 Souvenir Video from Universal Studios Florida called: "Universal Studios Florida: The Magic Of Movies". It is about an hour long, and I just had an absolute blast watching it. Its incredible to see how much that property has changed since then. Here are some thoughts:

- Wild West show looked like a hoot.
- Love the old KongFrontation ride system.
- Hehe, The Fashions of 1991.
- Not too much is still there from 1991 (ET & Fievel, is about it. You could see the JAWS lake in a few of the overhead shots, but it wasn't mentioned in the video & I think opened later). Some is still similar but different to what was there in 1991 (Horror Make Up, Earthquake, Beetlejuice).
- The aerial shots of the Pre-IOA/CityWalk/Parking Garage Universal are eye openers.
- I think back in 1991 USF was so much better then DHS 1991. Nowadays I prefer the Hollywood Studios.
- The Murder She Wrote Editing Show Looked Awful.

Got a spare hour, check it out:

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