Wednesday, April 29, 2009

4/28-29 EPCOT-USO "Trackwork Is Complete" Edition

I went to EPCOT yesterday to meet up with an In The Loop listener and then stopped by Universal today to see how the construction was going and to enjoy the nice weather.

Some Notes:

- I did the Test Track single riders line and had no wait whatsoever, didn't even had to watch the preshow, just walked thru the line right onto the car. The ride experiance wasn't so great, because the on board audio wasn't working, this really hurts the ride.
- I rode Mission Space Green Team for the first team. I definetely prefer the more intense version and wouldn't recommend green unless you have a motion sickness issue.
- Universe Of Energy = great place for a nap.
- At Universal today I was thrilled to see the track had been completed on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, yep including the troublesome lift hill. There was a lot of construction people working all over this thing, it seems like Universal is putting the pace into overdrive to open this thing up asap. I can't wait to ride it myself.
- I did Shrek 4D for the first time since the big move earlier in the month and this is by far the worst 3D movie in central Florida. The jerky movement of the seats is a bit painful and the lack of theming in the main theater gives me a real un-inspired feeling.
- For some reason the background music around Men In Black was 2 Legit 2 Quit, which gave me flashbacks to that awful MC Hammer concert from earlier in the month.
- Scored 315,000 on Men In Black today.
- Both Universal parks were pretty empty, which was nice for me as a guest, but probably kills their bottom line.

Some Pics:

Crowds on Monday at 10:50 AM.

I enjoy both of those.

Crowds today at 2:40.

And there it is in all of its lift hill goodness. Man, going up that thing is going to be crazy. There was also some more work being done back in the turnaround area, not exactly sure what that picker was doing back there. Also there were two guys working on what look like the brakes at the end of the ride. I wonder how long before we start seeing some trains & testing?

And while the ride is under construction, you can still buy the merch!! I didn't see anything that I was in love with, seems like they went very 'cool' on the t shirt design.

Cool HHN display outside of the Horror Make Up Show.

First time I've seen the Shrek meet and greet character and well, its kinda creepy.

Potterverse keeps growing.

A little shout out to my buddy The Rapids Nerd.

I only posted this because I love the term St. Practice Day.

Sign for Thursday's 80's Night at The Groove. I'm not the biggest 80's guy, but the folks over at the Save Pleasure Island Blog reccomend it. Thinking about it I could probably use a good drunken night out club hopping at Citywalk.

Ride Count

Test Track
Mission Space
Universe Of Energy
Seas With Nemo
Spaceship Earth
Honey I Shrunk The Audience
Living With The Land

Horror Make Up Show
Shrek 4D
Doctor Doom

Life In Orlando Note

So for some reason this is for sale at the gas station near my place, wierd right.

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TheRapidsNerd / Otto Von Clank said...

Hey Thanks Pat, and always a pleasure. Kinda digging the Rockit merch and, though I miss the Enchanted Oak, it's good to see something going into the empty spot. I love themeing and with Potter world taking shape, it's way more enticing. Just some great general additions to Orlando this year and next. Now, Seaworld Orlando, let's talk Rapids, shall we? ;)