Thursday, May 7, 2009

5/5-7 "Back From The Wedding & Back To The Parks" Edition

So I've come back to sunny Florida after my buddies wedding in Chicago. I was over at Universal on Tuesday (5/5), swung by Downtown Disney yesterday (5/6) to see Wolverine (which I enjoyed) and was at Disney's Hollywood Studios today (5/7).

Some Notes:

- Lots of work going on at the Rockit construction site on Tuesday. There were three different cranes in the lift area doing various kinds of work, there were a few pickers with guys working on some touch up painting. Still no signs of trains, but progress is apparent.
- I love that the 'Yokeian' in the Jimmy Neutron ride has a Universal Studios floppy hat on.
- Mummy animatronic wasn't functioning.
- Over in Potterland a new building has shown up, pretty small near the entrance arch.
- In Citywalk there was going to be quite the party at Latin Quarter for Cinco De Mayo, that included one free beer or margarita per person! I couldn't stay as I didn't wanna miss American Idol.

- Balloon wasn't running again when I was at Downtown Disney. But I have seen it in the air while driving around town and it is pretty cool.
- The discounts still weren't high at Virgin Megastore, even with the end about 3 weeks away.
- There were construction walls over by 'Celebrate Tonight' with a stand/shed like structure looks like it was being built. I swung back around after the movie (hopeful that Disney had already pulled the plug on this piece of crap) but no, it was still there. If you haven't seen it, its basically a DJ with a microphone running around bugging people to dance or talk about celebrating. It's crap.

- Park was busy today, but not packed.
- The tram driver in the parking lot sounded just like CoasterBoy from In The Loop.
- Went to American Idol Experiance and saw the worst set of singers that I've ever seen at that show.
- They had a bunch of cool displays in One Mans Dream, all about the history of the Hollywood Studios. As the park celebrated its 20th birthday last week.
- I love the background music in the Muppet area.
- Pizza Planet was smelling great today.
- "I wanna go on that Looney Tunes Ride" - A statement I overheard some apparentely confused teenage girl say.

Some Pics:

Crowds at 4.

TNA was taping today, I want to go to one of them at some point.

Rockit construction. Lots of work on the lift and some painting. It's getting there.

A neat shirt for sale.

There was a higher then normal number of pickers hanging out in the lost continent.

The entrance archway that used to have a yellow construction wrap, now has a black construction wrap. Also I finally put 2 and 2 together and realized that this is the arch on the signs on the construction walls.

The new small structure which is near the entrance arch and the restaurant.

Hogwarts keeps growing.

Cinco De Mayo festivities.

A shot of the shack/shed under construction and the disgrace that is 'Celebrate Tonight'.

Margaritas coming soon.

This thing sure has a lot of downtime from wind.

Discounts are going to need to be cheaper before I start bargain shopping there.

Banner celebrating the 20th.

Wait times at 1 pm.

New 'American Idol Mickey' plush.

I thought this shirt was funny.

A shirt for the 20th, I like that they made shirts for the event, but this one isn't my style.

Some work being done on the exterior of the theater, not sure what they are doing, maybe adding a facade so it doesn't stand out so much.

Random construction. No idea what this is for, not very big and is on the corner across the street from the backlot tour entrance and club penguin meet and greet.

Construction wall at Pixar Place.

20th displays at One Mans Dream.

Finishing off the update with a shot of Lights Motors Action.

Ride Count

Jimmy Neutron

Jurassic Park
Doctor Doom

American Idol
Star Tours
One Mans Dream
Great Movie Ride
Lights Motors Action
Tower Of Terror (2 times)
Rock & Roller Coaster

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