Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Geauga Lake?!

Well the Rumors are starting to swirl for the Geauga Lake amusement park outside of Cleveland, and there not good. Rumor has it Dominator to KD and Thunderhawk to MiA. This would mean GL would lose 4 Major Coasters in just 2 years.

My Take:

This really sucks for Geauga Lake fans such as Micheal Lee of The Geauga Show. But the park may be doing the right thing to survive. From watching the geauga show it is clear the park has an awesome water park where Sea World Ohio used to be. And the four rides that have been removed/rumored to be on the go are all high speed, high height limit attractions. Could cedar fair be looking into making GL into a more family park, i believe so. That way the point won't have direct competition in the thrill market and Cleveland will have a nice little park with some classic attractions and a sweet water park.

I was only at Geagua Lake once back in 2003 when it was SFWoA and i had a great time, it was pouring rain and there was no lines. I think the animal side of the park is greatly missed though.

Also Geauga Lake is probably the hardest amusement park to spell/pronounce.

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