Thursday, August 30, 2007

Six Flags & Eight Coasters

Been a lot of buzz on the internet coaster forums over this quote
"Philly Eagles' QB Donovan McNabb, or the "comeback player," is Six Flags (SIX - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr - Rating). Theismann likes the company's management and that it's building eight new roller coasters. Cramer partially agreed, citing past weather problems for the company."
From this article:

Here is my take on where the 8 coasters will go, with help from the rumors from

TGE - Coaster #1 Getting the SLC from astroworld
SFMM - Shapiro mentioned in one of the investor speeches this park would get thomas town
SFFT - Coaster #2 Getting the batman invert from SFNO
SFDK - Coaster #3 rumored to be getting a coaster in the old zonga location
SFStl - Coaster #4 rumored to be getting a coaster of decent size, with land clearing said to have already begun
SFGAm - Coaster #5 Splashwater falls being removed and hasn't recieved a new coaster since Rajun Cajun in 2004

That leaves La Ronde, SFA, SFGAdv, SFKK, SFNE, SFoG, SFoT. And if three coasters are going to three of those parks, i would assume that SFGAdv and SFNE would be receiving two of them. My reasoing behind this is that La Ronde, SFA, SFKK, SFoG, SFoT alll haven't recieved any of the wiggles world or thomas town areas and i don't think any of them have added a childrens area in quite some time.

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