Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Geauga Lake is Dead!!

The news last week was surprising to some, not to others, but either way next year the world will be without another amusement park. I feel really bad for the fans of this park because there were some die hards, like the folks from, micheal lee from thegeaugashow, and bill from the coaster crew.

Closing the park i think was probalby a good move business wise by Cedar Fair. The park just couldn't be as big as it was without the 800 pound whale across the street.

I only had one visit to geauga when it was SFWoA and i had a BLAST. It was senoir year of high school and me and a few buddies hit the road from NY to cedar point, but we got to Ohio at around 2 in the afternoon and didn't know what to do. I knew of SFWoA and we decided to give it a look. The weather was pouring rain and the park was empty. There were no lines any where and 4 high school senoirs had the run of the park. This was were i found out raindrops hurt A LOT on the front row of the impulse. The ride side was a fun time and then we crossed the pound. I remember seeing the cool tiger show and going through the penguin encounter.

As for where the rides will go: dominator and thunderhawk are pretty obvious. I think headspin and the kiddie coaster may go to MiA as well. I really hope they move the Top Spin and El Dorada (my favorite flat there) to CP. Unfortunately i think the 3 woodies and double loop will all be going to the big amusement park in the sky. Even though i think it would be great to move the big dipper to the waterpark side as a sort of geauga memorial. I also think the flume and shoot the chutes can be moved across the lake.

Its sad to see a park go, but i really think that the NEW geauga can really become one of the best waterparks in the country with proper expansion.

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