Monday, September 24, 2007

Raw Thoughts

McMahon and coach in the ring ……………………. Looks like another shit show

O and he is putting himself in a match, even worse

Melina and Hornswoggle on a date, could be funny

Hardcore holly is back, good to see

Alabama slam great move name

Orton promo put me to sleep

Maria looks like a streetwalker

Good to hear the APA music again

Haha I was always amused by the highlanders

HHH lights look cool with the cage

Still love the dx chop

Detroit lost so the yanks magic number is down to one

Worst pedigree ever

I got an im from my buddy “vinny mac is jacked suprised he wasnt busted for the roids the past few days

Punjabi Prison match is one of the funnest sounding names

Are the highlanders turning heel?

Even though the rocks movie looks like shit, I will see it anyway. Its got rock playing a cocky pro athlete so I can’t be that bad.

And some cena coachman bullshit to end another poor episode of MNR

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