Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Dark Night Coaster Confusion

Well by now i am sure you are all aware of The Dark Knight coaster coming to Six Flags Great America, Six Flags Great Adventure, and Six Flags New England. This ride is going to be an indoor MACK wild mouse themed to next summers batman movie. I hope six flags does a decent theming job on this one. But i think the idea of adding another Batman themed coaster to these parks is an interesting choice.........

Six Flags Great Adventure
The Dark Knight coaster is replacing another Batman themed coaster in Batman & Robin: The Chiller. The Dark Knight Coaster is also in Movietown home to the Batman Stunt Show Theater and Batman: The Ride.

Six Flags New England
The Dark Knight coaster is replacing the Batman Stunt Show Theater (I think). The park is also changing the name of the Batman: The Dark Knight to Batman: The Ride, so people don't get confused with The Dark Knight Coaster. Also the park is already home to a (spinning) wild mouse in Pandemonium.

Six Flags Great America
The Dark Knight coaster is being built next to the Superman: Ultimate Flight in the great superhero themed area of the park ........................... Orleans Place. Now the Park in a relatively close area will have Batman: The Ride, Rajun Cajun (spining mounse), and The Dark Knight Coaster.

Thats a mouthful right.

I am off to SFGAm on sunday, should be fun.

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