Sunday, October 21, 2007

Journey into South Park

I expected to see a lot of nostalgic epcot stuff after the 25 anniversary of the park earlier in the month, i expected it mostly on disney and coaster websites................. not South Park. This past week on south park the schoolboys come into an encounter with the "Mayor of Imaginationland" who takes them on a magical journey in his flying ship and sings a song about imagination. This sounds eerily similar to the old Dreamfinder character from the original Journey Into Imagination ride at epcot center. The dreamfinder and the mayor both wore eccentric purple outfits with top hats, the both had noticeable facial hair, both drove wacky flying machines, both sang songs about imagination. Sounds like a match to me, guess trey parker and matt stone were fans of the old epcot ride.

Personally i love both south park (i have seen every episode) and the old journey into imagination, which i thouhgt was one of disney's best rides ever.

Check out that south park here:

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