Thursday, October 18, 2007

Holy DCA


It's not often i am in comlete amazedness by a park announcing a new investment, but this DCA announcement is far from ordinary. ITS 1.1 BILLION DOLLARS!!!!
Thats more then what many parks cost to build. Now i enjoyed DCA when i was there back in 2003, i think soarin is one of the best rides anywhere. I think GRR is quite the impressive structure. I will always love Muppetvision 3D. Its a nice park ...................but its not disneyland. But listen to all these attractions they announced:

New Entrance Plaza
This is the only part of the announcement that really didn't get me going. I don't go to parks for what ever there Main Street-Esque entrance area they have. I am though looking foreward to the updated version of the walt disney story they will be adding in this area.

Disney's Wonderful World of Color
This is going to be incredible. I have heard rumors of a giant water projection night time show at DCA for a while and now can't wait. I think this should rank up there with Fantasmic-Illuminations-MSEP in the upper echelon of night time shows.

Little Mermaid Ride
Now i can't say a little mermaid dark ride fits in paradise pier, but i don't care a 100 million dollar disney dark ride is going to be incredible. Now there were plans to put a Little Mermaid ride into Magic Kingdom a while back, they went so far to have models and plans on the ride. The ride that almost was, was even given its own specail feature on the little mermaid DVD and check it out:


The biggest part of the announcement was the 12 acres cars land. The area which will be themed towards radiator springs from cars, a movie which i really enjoyed. The E Ticket here will be Radiator Springs Racers, think a dual tracked version of test track. This should be outstanding with high speed racing elements and animatronics. At 200 milliion dollars i think this might be the most expensive ride ever built. Also in cars land will be a mater themed spinning ride and a modern take on disneylands classic flying saucers attraction themed to luigi. The area of the park will have a drive in movie themed restaurant, which i LOVE because the sci-fi dine in theater is one of my favorite disney restaurants.

All in all, i think this is going to make DCA a top notch disney park and you can bet i will be making some visits.

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