Friday, February 15, 2008

The Great Khali River Rapids

WDW Meets WWE Part 1

Okay, so I was thinking to myself one day what would happen if you mixed WWE with WDW and the more i thought about it I kept coming up with goofy ride ideas based around a mix of current disney world attractions and the pro wrestlers. So here is my first goofball idea: The Great Khali River Rapids

This was one of the first ones I came up with, I mean the ride has the guys name in the name (spelled differentely but still). I have always thought of Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom as one of the more dissapointing rides in Walt Disney World. Its short, the theme is mediocre (your boat floats past some logs, goes down a drop in the cavern and ends shortly afterwords). So now on The Great Khali river rapids, your boat will float past animatronics of the 7 foot tall Great Khali, who will yell at you.

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