Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pleasure Island

Florida Trip Report Part 3

Well after a long and tiring day seeing the best of what universal orlando had to offer the park closed at 6 pm. NOW i been looking foreward to this trip for a long long time and i was most certainely not ending my day at six o'clock in the eveing. En route back to my ghetto Knights Inn I stopped at one of the outlet centers, this was actually the one that bought Dolly Partons Dixie Stampede for 23 million dollars, I can't believe that piece of land went for that much, its bonkers. The only reason i stopped at the outlets was to pay a quick visit to the disney character outlet, which is filled with discounted merchandise from the parks. I love buying souvenirs, so I was surprised that the only thing i bought was a cool Finding Nemo hologram cup. Then it was off to the hotel and the descision.

Back at the hotel after a quick shower (walking around the parks all day + getting soaked on Jaws & Jurassic Park = stank) I had the descision to do, What to do with my night? After watchin a lil bit of "The Top 7 Must See's At Walt Disney World" I decided it was off to Pleasure Island for me. Now if you know me, you probably know I enjoy the adult beverages and love disney, so this was a natural choice. After a 25 dollar cab ride i arrived at the place, and man does it look cool. This was the first of 3 trips going to Downtown Disney (I didn't know if I would end up there at all). After paying the 20 dollar cover to get into the resort I started my club hopping. My goal was simple, get a drink at every club. Now i started out by buying some of the specaility drinks (at 10 bucks a pop) before a GREAT cast member informed me that monday and thursday was 2 dollar bud light draft. My reaction "SWEET SWEET SWEET I AM GONNA GET HAMMERED" so this trip report might be a lil hazy.

Comedy Warehouse
Hit this one early on, and the way it works is the comedy club does 5 or so improv comedy shows a night that are about 45 minutes long. The comedy turned out to be pretty funny, I like the improv stuff and audience interaction.

8 Trax
This was the 70's and 80's club or as i would refer to it "Where the old people go at pleasure island". Now the club setup was pretty cool, multiple levels (this was a theme with a lot of the clubs) and really big. But needless to say this wasn't a great place for a 22 year old so i moved on, hit this one early on too.

BET Soundstage
Well ............... I didn't quite fit in at this one either and didn't stick around long. Although i must say when i was at the lower level trying to find an exit, i ended up on this AWESOME back patio area. This was really cool relatively quiet and not crowded with a great view of the lake and downtown disney at nightime.

Rock & Roll Beach Club
This club was awesome. The place is HUGE, i think 4 levels and a live band that performed 4 sets or so a night. The night I was there the had a rock/pop kind of band and they were pretty good or maybe I was drunk or a combination of the two. They had one level filled with all "bar-type" video games and I really liked this place. Unfortunately the Rock & Roll Beach Club is now closed and that sucks, I really hope its not forever.

Cool place, big typical big bar rap music dance type feel. Again another huge bar and this place was bumping. They had a big balcony level with comfy chairs and couches where you could sit chill and watch all the fools on the dance floor.

OK, by the time I got to Mannequins I was drunk. This place I knew as soon as I walked up was a little 'different' cause the only way in was to wait outside for an elevator. Then once i got in the elevator and made it into the club which at first seemed cool, awesome light show, revolving dance floor and loud sound system. After being there for about a minute or so it my brain started to work "You know there really aren't a lot of girls here, hmmmmmmmmmmmmn thats odd" and then i decided to head towards the revolving dance floor and came to a disturbing relization because i looked at dance floor and found dudes dancing with dudes - guys dancing with guys and not a chick to be seen. O MY GOD< ITS A GAY BAR GET OUT NOW. Now I am a tourist and this bar from the outside when i walked past the next day didn't give off the "gay-vibe" at all. Now I got nothing against gays, but as a guy at PI by himself I definetely didn't want to be seen hanging out there. I kinda blame Len Testa cause the unofficial guide gave no warning that mannequins was where the boys play. After that drunken mistake it was off to the next club.

Adventurer's Club
This was my favorite club of Pleasure Island. This was the way Disney would do a bar. It was kind of like drinking in a Ripleys museum. And they had a 3 different rooms where they put on shows. I only saw the show in the big room, the big night ending Hoopla. But the place is a blast they have actors wandering around welcoming you to the "open house" and telling you of the club. They all have different roles and characters (my favorite was Hathaway Brown) and this club is most certainely the biggest reason I will be hitting PI on my next trip to Orlando.

So the night was fun (and drunk) which led to a hang over the next morning at Disney's Hollywood Studios coming up in Trip Report Part 4.

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"I kinda blame Len Testa cause the unofficial guide gave no warning that mannequins was where the boys play."

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