Thursday, February 7, 2008

Movie Review: Cloverfield

So tonight I went to go see Cloverfield. This movie had a whole lot of hype for a movie that came out in January, and was decent. The whole movie was shot in "shakycam" mode, if you haven't seen the movie to get a similar effect watch A Walk in the Park episodes back to back for an hour and 25 minutes. While this effect did work for the feel of the movie, it did make me queesy and annoyed at different parts. The movie has a simple plot monster attacks NYC and people freak out. The movie does get creepy and unsettling at parts and is by no means a happy movie (in fact i will probably end up with nightmares from it). I think I prefer nice happy films like Dewey Cox or Enchanted where I leave the theater smiling, unlike this one where I left moderately disturbed. Overall the movie was decent and certainely worth a watch ................once, because this one doesn't have much re-watch-ability.

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