Thursday, February 21, 2008

Movie Review: Strange Wilderness

I went to see Strange Wilderness this week and generally enjoyed it. The movie was light, funny and had a good entourage cast. While it certainely won't be winning awards and had a bunch of good laughs but no true gutbusting hilarity. The movie is about a crew that films a nature show and looks for bigfoot. The real key to this movie was the cast, filmed with people i find funny:

Steve Zahn from one of my favorite comedies ever, Saving Silverman
The Fat Kid from Superbad
Farva from Super Troopers
The Two Guys from just about every Adam Sandler movie
The Terminator from T2
Chet Hunter from Boy Meets World
Justin Long from a bunch of good stuff

So overall a fun goofy flim that is certainely worth a watch if you like goofy comedies.


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