Friday, February 22, 2008

Small Parks Selling & Oscar

Well an interesting trend this winter for amusement parks and that has been small traditional family owned parks being sold to companies. The first was Kennywood (along with Lake Compounce & Storyland) sold to a foreign owner and then this week Indiana Beach was sold to a RV company. My take is that i am going to wait a few seasons before deciding whether this is a good or a bad thing. I mean, I like Indiana Beach (typically refer to it as the "Redneck Amusement Park" and I didn't like Kennywood on my one and only visit. If the new owners come in and rip out some old favorites in favor of gift shops and install new high prices across the board, then it wouldn't be cool. But the new owners may come in and drop a boat load of money on new rides and rehab old ones, so no one knows how this will play out. What I think has fanboys throwing a fit is that, they know (and most of them liked) what the old ownership was doing and they afraid that new ownership will ruin their park. It also makes less and less traditional family owned parks (are there many more then Knoebels & Holiday World??) which have always been enjoyed by the fan community. My hope is that new owners bring in new rides and all is good.

Other thing on my mind is that the oscars this weekend. Now I see a lot of movies (about 1 a week) but not many critically acclaimed (mostly comedies and action flicks) and enjoy watching the oscars, even if the movies I am pulling for aren't in the big categories. Heres who I am rooting for:
Writing Original Screenplay: Ratatouille
Visual Effects: Pirates 3 (PotC are my favorite movies ever!!)
Sound Mixing: Ratatouille
Sound Editing: Ratatouille
Best Song: "Thats How You Know" from Enchanted (good movie) the song is really catchy
Best Score: Ratatouille
Best Makeup: Pirates 3
Costume Design: Sweeney Todd
Art Direction: Sweeney Todd
Animated Feature Film: Ratatouille
Best Actor: Johnny Depp (root for Captain Jack in whatever he does)

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