Friday, February 8, 2008

Six Flags Great Adventure of Cheap Ripoffs

Well Six Flags Great Adventure came out with its (weak) show schedule for the 2008 Season and it looks like Mr.Shapiro has taken a trip or two to Walt Disney World. Look at the show schedule here:

Six Flags Great Adventure 2008 Show Schedule

Sound Familar??

See if you can spot the giant, living topiary creeping around Ft. Independance.

Complete ripoff of Divine @ Animal Kingdom

The smooth harmonies of this vocal quartet can be heard at The Golden Kingdom Outpost.

Sounds an awful lot like the Dapper Dans on Main Street

High-energy drummers turn trash into treasure through astounding rhythms at the Liberty Square Gazebo on Main Street. Runs Memorial Day through Labor Day.

EPCOT's Jamitors perhaps

Stop-by our stone figure garden in the Old Country and watch as the statues come to life.

Living Statues @ Italy in EPCOT

The park streets will come to life with state-of-the-art floats and Cirque-style music

Main Street Electrical Parade

I mean come on, at least if your going to attempt shows at least be creative and not just give the people throwing down 60 bucks cheap WDW knock offs.

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