Thursday, March 27, 2008

East vs. West (Part One)

No I am not talkin' Tupac v Biggie, but instead talking Walt Disney World in Orlando against Disneyland in Anaheim. After going to both US Disney resorts in two months I thought an interesting blog would be comparing the attractions on the east coast to its west coast counterparts, cause they aren't usually the same and in many cases can be very different.

Now I didn't ride some rides on both coasts (splash-pooh-jungle cruise-pan-snow white-tom sawyer island) so I won't be comparing those head to head. And the 3-D movies are all the same so I won't be wasting my valuable posting time on those. So here we go:

Pirates of the Carribean
Really different on both coasts. The original disneyland version has a ordinary looking new orleans style building as its entrance. The WDW version has a large elaborate spanish fort as an entrance and features a better queue. The Disneyland version is vastly superior with floating past the Blue Bayou, and about twice as long thanks to a really long haunted cave area. I think the WDW version has some advantages as I like the idea of the drop serving as the transition of the caves to the ship scene better then at disneyland where it goes from the bayou area to the caves and you just float into the ship scene.
Winner: Disneyland

Haunted Mansion
These two are very similar, one of the major differences is the exterior as both houses look very different. The Disneyland one looks cool from the outside because the house isn't very big and first time guests wouldn't know a large animatronic spectacular awaits them inside. The Disneyland version is also only in classic HM mode 7 months a year, then closes for a month, reopens for 3 months with the Nightmare before christmas overlay and then is down for another month. I have never had the oppurtunity to experiance the holiday version, but hate the idea of a marque attraction being closed a sixth of the year. The WDW version had a long rehab last year that added new staircase scene, updated show elements and some incredible sounds that give it the nod over the west coast.
Winner: Disney World

No contest here. Disneylands was the original, but the one in florida is both beautiful and breathtaking. The size really wins it for the Orlando castle, but it is also used more. The disneyland castle used to have a Sleeping Beauty walk through in it, but it is closed now, while the WDW castle features both the dream suite and a restaurant.
Winner: Disney World

Tiki Room
Disneyland still has the original 1964 show and Disney World has an updated version with Iago and Zazu. The disneyland one is nice for historical value, but i think WDW has the much more entertaining show. Iago brings a level of humor to the show and the tiki god animatronic is very cool
Winner: Disney World

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
This is a battle of DHS vs. DCA. And like with most comparisons with DCA, it loses. The Orlando version features a much more elaborate setting with long outdoor park queue, while DCA's is mostly switchbacks. The placement of the florida tower i like better, the ominous structure at the end of sunset boulevard. The real advantage comes in the ride itself and the difference in one show scene. The california version features a cool mirror effect, where you see everyone in the car, then the image of the people gets electricuted and then there gone. The WDW version features the awesome 'fifth dimension' room where your elevator actually moves foreward past elements of the classic twilight zone intro.
Winner: Disney World

Well I am tired, but i like this segment and am going to continue it!!!

The count thus far:
Disneyland: 1
Disney World: 4

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