Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Favorite Time Of The Year

This time here at the end of march / begining of april is always one of my favorite times of the year. I mean it all starts tomorrow:

Wrestlemania 24
Is live tomorrow night from my favorite city in the world Orlando Florida. Should be a good show and I am looking foreward to watching it tomorrow evening on pay per view. The big match this year is boxer Floyd Mayweather vs. The Big Show, something that will be entertaining I am sure.

MLB Season Opens
I am a HUGE baseball fan. It is by far my favorite sport and I like it more then all the others combined. My favorite team (the most sucessful team in the history of sports) the New York Yankees open up on Monday against toronto. This is the last year in historic Yankee Stadium, before the 1.3 billion dollar new one opens next year. Like every year I have high hopes for my beloved Yanks, but I reall think this season will go as our three young stud prospects (Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy and Joba Chamberlain) pitch.

My Birthday
Tuesday April 1st I turn 23. I think its at this point birthdays are no longer fun and its more like, Crap I Am Getting Old. I have no big plans and don't really care much about birthdays, but normally I get a decent gift or two.

Coaster Seasons Starts
With easter early this year we saw some parks open around the 20th of March, but all of them generally open up arount this time. Unfortunately my new home park (SFGAm) won't be open til April 26th. But is still fun to here the stories and view the PTR's of the parks as openings begin to roll out.

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