Sunday, April 13, 2008

East vs. West (Part Three)

Indy vs. Dinosaur/Indy Stunt Show
I didn't know what to compare the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye to either the Dinosaur! attraction at Animal Kingdom because it has the same ride system or the Indiana Jones Stunt Show at the studios because it has the same theme, and then i realized it doesn't matter because the indy ride is so much better then either of the WDW versions. Indy at Disneyland is my favorite ride, it is really as close to riding through a movie as it comes, the scene with the bridge and the giant statue of Mara's head with the fire is nothing short of breathtaking. Dinosaur! is a very fun (and in my mind underrated) attraction, but isn't as good as Indy. One thing though Dinosaur! has the best on ride pictures I have ever seen, they are taken right as the Carnosaur pops out and the looks on the peoples faces are priceless. The stunt show even at almost 20 years old is still a fun time, but could use an update. But that indy ride is better then both.
Winner: Disneyland

Nemo Ride
This one is another easy one. The Seas with Nemo & Friends at EPCOT is a nice little dark ride, the clam-mobiles are fun ride cars and the finale scene with the illusion of nemo and the gang playing in tanks with all the living seas fish is very cool, but the ride is about 5 minutes long. The Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage is a much longer attraction at 15 minutes and much better. There is really something cool about getting on a submarine and going on a ride and the effects and segments of the ride are imagintive, colorful and fun.
Winner: Disneyland

Buzz Lightyear Ride
These two are very similar. I give the nod to disneylands updated version because I think the targets are more technically advance (I think, I'm not sure) and I like that in the DL version you can pick up and hold your gun instead of it being attached to the ride car in WDW.
Winner: Disneyland

This is an interesting one. At the hollywood studios you got a large 10,000 seat ampitheater for the show and at Disneyland the show takes place on the Rivers of America. The only advantage in my mind the Hollywood Studios one has is that a lot more people can see the show and you get to sit down, but I prefer the west coast on this one. I think there is a sense of 'magic' about the show being performed on the Tom Sawyer Island you walked on earlier in the day or the river being lit on fire that you took a boat ride on earlier in the day. Also the disneyland show uses the sailing ship columbia for a Peter Pan themed stunt segment, while the studios version has a lame pochantas segment.
Winner: Disneyland

I am comparing Wishes at the Magic Kingdom to Remember at Disneyland. I think both shows are incredible and are a must see for me. There are two reasons I prefer Remember and those are the show is themed towards the attraction music in the parks and fireworks are fired off from 360 degrees all around the hub are certain points.
Winner: Disneyland

Well its a clean sweep for west coast this week, lets take a look at the current scoreboard:
Disneyland: 8
Disney World: 7

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