Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Gurnee Adventure

So I was pretty bored on Sunday and decided to test out my new GPS and take a drive up to Gurnee. I have heard good things about this Gurnee Hills mall and how it was supposed to be massive, and it lived up to the hype. The mall was probably the biggest I have ever been to and had lots of stuff to do including two food courts, a reptile zoo, a rainforest cafe, a giant bass pro shop (with big fish), a ice skating rink, and a big arcade that had this cool monster truck simulator ride and even a Tornado ride!! Very cool place.

This was also the first time I been in the area since Key Lime Cove indoor waterpark resort has been open. I didn't go in but the place looked good from the outside. Sorry for the pictures in this post, most of them were taken from my car while I was driving.

Oh yeah, there is something else in Gurnee, a little place called Six Flags Great America. Drove around the park a few times and got some pictures of things going on. I didn't get a picture of it but the American Eagle was testing when I drove by the first time. And before any of you nerds out there get in a tizzy, no I didn't go into the park or hop any fences to take the pics, but all of them were taken on the roads surrounding the park.

First picture is the video signboard the park has out by the highway that was advertising The Dark Knight Coaster among other things.

And as you can see in that picture, is something that really surprised me and that is part of Deja Vu is still standing. I really have to wonder, when is this thing going to reopen at Silverwod when the ride hasn't even been completely dismantled from SFGAm on April 13th.

And now what everyone is waiting for the progress pics of the new Dark Knight Coaster. As you can see in the two pictures below, the box hasn't been completed yet. It looks like SFGAdv's will open first, SFGAm's second and then SFNE last. I really don't give this ride much of a chance of being open in less then two weeks on Opening Day.

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