Sunday, April 6, 2008

East vs. West (Part Two)

Yea, its the same ride film, but the ride makes much more sense and works better in DCA. First off, the ride features all California locations, which makes much more sense in a park themed around Cali and in its own aviation themed area, then at EPCOT's Land Pavillion. Also I think a Marque attraction like Soarin' deserve a larger entrance for all the guests that want to get to it then in the corner of the basement at the Land.
Winner: Disneyland

Space Mountain
This might be the easiest one. The Disneyland one is dare I be cheesy and say 'light years' in front of the orlando version. Now the two attractions are pretty different, the Florida version has 2 tracks each with 6 person trains that feature 'Matterhorn' style seating and the California version has 1 track with 12 person trains in more traditional coaster seating. The advantage for Disneyland comes from their Space Mountain had a MASSIVE 2 year refurbishment that finished in 2005 and the WDW mountain is in desperate need of a similar style rehab. The california one has awesome on ride audio and spectacular effects, while in florida theres no audio, a rough ride and outdated effects.
Winner: Disneyland

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
This one is a tough one, as there aren't too many notice-able differences between the two. But I think i gotta go with the Orlando version for two reasons, one the ride seems like a bigger deal off on its own in froneirland and done on a larger scale. The second is I like that the orlando version is right on the Rivers of America.
Winner: Walt Disney World

While not the same ride in name, both are the same idea: Roller Coaster ride through a snowy mountain and encounters with a Yeti. While the Matterhorn is a fun ride and very nostalgic, Everest wins. Its Bigger, Faster and themed a whole lot more immersive. Lets not forget the difference between the disneyland Yeti vs. Animal Kingdoms awesome Yeti animatronic.
Winner: Walt Disney World

Star Tours
Another simulator with the ride film identical at both parks. The advantage for this one comes that the one in Florida has an elaborate outdoor queue that features a massive AT-AT walker and ewok village.
Winner: Walt Disney World

The count thus far:
Disneyland: 3
Disney World: 7

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