Monday, April 7, 2008

Hershey 2009!?!

Well after I saw this picture over on this thread at TPR I had a lot of thoughts.

First off, wow this is really early to be announcing a new attraction, I mean I think Farenheit wasn't announced until September. Could this be they need to remove a ride to put in whatevers 'cooler'? Maybe 'cooler' is just so massive that it requires a really early announcement?

Well I figure that 'cooler' means it will probalby be another water based attraction especially after the sucess of the boardwalk. Thinking about it here are some possible additions it could be:

- Lazy River
- 'Deluge' style water slide
- Speed Slide Complex
- Splash Battle
- Spinning Rapids Style Ride
- Water Coaster

I really think it could be one of two things:

1.) The screamscape rumor has the canyon river rapids being removed in favor of a lazy river and some more water rides. This would make a lot of sense that it would have the early announcement for the closures of canyon river rapids. The rapids is right next to the boardwalk and would be a good place for more water slides. The rapids is an older ride.

I really hope this isn't the case. Hersheys rapids ride is one of the best I have ever been one, actually the only one i liked better was Popeye at IOA. I also have great memories of going on the rapids during our annual trip ever summer to hershey, it was always one of my dads favorites and something the whole family would ride together. I even think back in NY, I have one of those souvenir VHS tapes they sold of you on the ride that was only 1 minute or so long.

2.) This ride is big and expensive and hershey wants to get the hype machine going early. This could be something like a watercoaster from either Mack or intamin. This would be a great addition to hershey and something that would be very popular with everyone in the family.

Unfortunately, if I were a betting man, I'd bet on screamscape and option 1.

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