Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weekly Topic: Trees Please

This weeks Weekly Topic is Trees Please again by Nate over at Coasterdom.

My thoughts on the topic are that trees in a park are really a non-factor to me. I will never go to a park or not goto to a park based on the number of trees.

Amusement Parks are generally warm weather summertime places, so of course shade is nice. And walking around a forest is a more enjoyable experiance, then a sun soaked concrete adventure.

I am all for a park taken out an 'atmosphere' area filled with trees, for construction of a new attraction. I would much rather them ditch the trees, then remove a attraction for something new.

I also would rather a parks pathways be wide enough to handle traffic through it then be ladened with trees. I mean if you have ever been to Adventureland at Disneyland during a busy day then you know how uncomforable a packed pathway could be.

But in the end, its the rides and attractions that make me visit a park.

Great Parks Filled With Trees: SFGAdv (minus the boardwalk), BGE, Dollywood (minus Thunderhead area)
Great Parks With Almost No Trees: EPCOT, Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure

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