Friday, April 25, 2008

New Hotness

As my 2008 Coaster Season officially gets underway tomorrow at SFGAm. I saw two things online today that really peaked my interest.

New Monorail Trains At Disneyland
Now I normally wouldn't get excited about something as simple as new trains for a monorail, but these things are DAMN SEXY. These are going to look great zooming around Tomorrowland, especially along with the subs back in the lagoon below.
....................not only if they can get something back moving along the Peoplemover track.

Behemoth Now Open at Canada's Wonderland
A big park finally got its big coaster, and the thing is DAMN SEXY. Good looking ride and probably has some sweet airtime. This one as of right now isn't in the cards for me in 2008, but things could change.

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