Sunday, April 27, 2008

SFGAm Opening Day PTR

It was an okay opening day at SFGAm. Crowds were light and lines were minimal so that was good, but Raging Bull was down all day and Superman was closed most of the day. I still enjoyed myself, and now onto the pictures.

Superman: Ultimate Flight was closed most of the day and opened up at some point in the afternoon with long lines when I saw it.

New signage at the re-named Camp Cartoon. This was Camp Cartoon Network the last few years and the sign had way outdated characters like Johnny Bravo and Cow & Chicken on it.

American Eagle was running well, but was only running one side.

Probably because of this retracking work.

I really don't like the merch at SFGAm. They have some decent SFGAm t shirts, but maybe 2 ride specific t shirts. And I mean nothing says I enjoyed my visit to Six Flags like a Gears of War t shirt.

Or a Larry The Cable Guy / Jeff Foxworthy Plush Keychain.

This little asian guys head was on signs all over the park.

Spygirl signage is gone and the show won't be returning. Which is good cause it was terrible.

Raging Bull was looking DAMN SEXY with its new paint job, but unfortunately the sexyness wasn't operating today.

Giant drop wasn't running.

Viper was running well.

I was in the area when "The Academy of County Music Awards Back Trax" was starting. I had no idea what this was, so I decided to check it out.

It was about a 30 minute long video of something that looks like it would run on CMT. The funniest part was watching the crowd and their reactions to the "show". There was about 40 people in the theatre and heres how it went down by the end of the show:
50% had got up and left
30% was asleep
10% wanted to fall asleep
10% enjoyed the video
This is really something that shouldn't be pass off as entertainment in a park. Better then an empty arena.....I guess...........maybe.

Season Pass Processing line was pretty long everytime I walked by.

The Locker Policy was in at SFGAm. I saw the lockers at B:TR, S:UF & TDK are going to share a set, Iron Wolf, American Eagle had the signs but I didn't see the lockers and Raging Bull had them.

The only was the locker policy effects myself is that now instead of buying the Souvenir Cup and refilling it all day long, I would pay the rediculously high prices ($1.25 higher then disney) for a 20 oz soda. I also won't be playing any midway games until I am ready to leave the park.

I thought Demon was running well, and had the soundtrack playing in part of the queue.

This was my $13 dollar Fried Chicken lunch at Aunt Marthas. Food was decent, chicken was better then the sides.

New 3 Point Challenge Game, cause every park needs one!

The park also had a new Cornhole game, at least I think its new.

Former Deja Vu site.

All that remains of the Vekoma Coaster, but I have to wonder if part of it is still standning on April 26th, when is this thing going to open at Silverwood?

Splashwater Falls is gone as well.

Some royalty for a day promotion at the park, which included: THE WORST AMUSEMENT PARK PARADE IN HISTORY.

Some of the floats included cars from the Antique Autos ride.

Actually it was mostly Antique Autos.


Then another float was what I think is from an old Trolley ride the park had.

Then there was this ridously ugly float. Thats movement was actually controlled by a guy walking next to it with the contolls.

See. Now I am spoiled by the awesome disney parades, but I know Six Flags can do better than THIS.

Orbit wasn't running today.

New charging station. Its $2 for a 15 minute charge. A cool thing to have in the park, if my phone was dead I might use one.

Remember that press release about Six Flags Advertising Networks, well part of it is ads in the crapper.

The Pictorium was showing the Marvin The Martian in the 3rd Dimension film I love, but was only in 2 dimensions for some reason on opening day. According to the sign a new film is coming in May, I hope it is as good.

Space Shuttle America (one of the worst simulators ever) is now dead.

They should change the sign to This Ride Will Not Open EVER.

The bumper cars here were AWESOME (and sponsored by Geico). But they hit with some force, best bumper cars I been on in a while and something I am gonna hit everytime I am at this park.

SFTV was up and running. I saw the TV screens at Bumper Cars, Whizzer & Raging Bull. I thought these are a very cool addition to the park, when I saw them they were counting down the best coasters in the six flags chain (they had it #3: X, #2: Kingda Ka, #1: S:Ros at SFNE) and the other time was showing an Outkast performance.

Some signage in the park for the new coaster.

The Dark Knight opens May 21st. I hope to go to the park that day after work, I got pretty high hopes for this ride after seeing the concept art.

TDK Entrance area. Pretty sweet looking.

More Dark Knight Construction.

This large scale advertisement replaced what I think was a game last year.

Rue Le Dodge
American Eagle (left side)
Sky Trek Tower
Academy of Country Music Awards Back Trax
Marvin the Martian in the 3rd Dimension
Triple Play
Hometown Fun Machine
Vertical Velocity
Batman: The Ride


Anonymous said...

That's funny how the show almost everyone walked out of. It serves the company right. Ha, ha, ha.

Anonymous said...

Also, that's how all the parade floats are. They are controlled by a person walking next to them. They maybe only have 4 parade floats. The night parade was always the parade that had more floats along with mini fireworks.

The parade during the day last year had the antique cars, people walking, and a car in the parade. I didn't have the trolley because it was in a different section of the park.

The thing is this. If you want to have a parade, you ned to upgrade it just a little bit. Those floats have been there for a long time. Gut those floats, and put new stuff on them.

The parade just doesn't compare to a Disney parade, or a worthwhile parade for people to really watch. Maybe, buy even more floats. I think the more interesting parade is for Fright Fest because you get see different characters every year. Some are different at least.

If they are going for the Wiggle's and Justice League thing, they need both of those floats. How about the Batman car? For the parade, I never seem to see all of the Justice League. When the Justice League was the new thing, you would see all the characters. I haven't seen Wonder Woman in how long.

I think they need to have all the Justice League characters out and about for meetings. They have Character signs in the park that say when the characters will be there. They have Looney Tunes, or Justice League. They don't say which one be there, but that's all that say.

Sure, it's nice that they give you a time, but they need to say which one will be there at this time.

What does Disney do for the most popular characters? They have separate lines in Toontown Fair for 3 of the princeses. They say when they are going to be there. So, if you want to see Belle, than you go in a line, and she will there at this particular time.

I'm not saying all the characters are like that because they aren't, but for the most popular they should do something like that.