Friday, June 13, 2008

My Favorite Parks

Someone started this thread over on the coastercrew forums and I decided to share my thoughts on the topic with all of you, here's my list:

1.) Disneyland
2.) Magic Kingdom
3.) Disney's Hollywood Studios
5.) Disney's Animal Kingdom
6.) Islands Of Adventure (*could move up if potter is as good as i think its gonna be)
7.) Busch Gardens Africa
8.) Busch Gardens Europe
9.) Cedar Point
10.) Six Flags Great Adventure
11.) Hersheypark
12.) Universal Studios Florida
13.) Six Flags Magic Mountain
14.) Dollywood

Those 14 parks are the ones that I have been to that I really consider my 'upper echelon' of parks. If you read the blog it is very clear that the Disney parks are my favorite. I love them for all the reasons, the food & sit down restaurants, the 100 million dollar attractions, the parades that are far beyond any other park, the immersive theme of the parks and the nightime spectaculars.

Thats not to say I don't love all other parks, the Busch & Universal places are outstanding.

I am actually thinking about hitting Indiana Beach this Sunday for the first time (I will post pics if I do go). I know I am definetely going to SFGAdv this friday for the first and probalby only time this year.

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