Sunday, June 15, 2008

PTR Indiana Beach

Well today I spent the afternoon at Indiana Beach. It was their anniversary weekend so Sunday afternoon all the rides were only 25 cents, quite the deal. I figured this would result in absolutely insane crowds, but it really wasn't anymore then I am used to at IB.

Before wasting anymore time I know you all want to see the Steel Hawg Construction Pictures:

First off, the pictures really don't do this ride justice as in real life it looks a lot taller. Second off, this thing looks ABSOLUTELY INSANE, the first drop on this thing is really gonna be a exhilirating moment and the inversions look really wild. Like everything at IB the layout is really compact. If this ride is smooth it will be a winner. Steel Hawg is really separated from the rest of the park and is back behind some cottages, check it out on this map:

See, odd location. Anyway this is one before my visit today, I wasn't really looking forward to, but seeing it in person now I can't wait until it opens (next month I hope). I was so excited by the structure I even bought a Steel Hawg T Shirt.

Not a bad deal for $12.95, I also picked up this pennant to put in my Amusement Park Themed Bathroom!!!

The non-steel hawg related part of the trip was very enjoyable as most trips to IB are. I rode all my favorites, played some games and ate some park food.

The Lost Coaster Of Superstition Mountain is one of the things I think of as "very indiana beach". Its a true one of a kind ride with the odd 8 person trains and decievingly wild ride thru a faux mountain. This is also a ride a big park would never be able to pull off because of the terrible capacity. Today they were only running one train which would run the circuit about every 5 minutes or so which means:

8 Guests Per Train x 12 Dispatch's An Hour = 96 Riders Per Hour

But I waited about 15 minutes, so no complaints today.

Skyride got a nice coat of paint this year.

As did some waterslides.

The park changed its 3D Ridefilm this year to a new Monster Trucks in 3D one. I am always up for a new simulator, but this one wasn't the best. The pre-show sets up the lame story about 2 friends are going to drive monster trucks to see who was the better driver. The film itself is just footage from in and around monster trucks mostly on a typical 'monster truck style' course. Last year they had the classic Dino Island 2: 3D movie, you know the one "WE GOT TO SAVE TONY". Even though the monster trucks weren't my favorite, I am sure this will be popular with the Indiana Beach clientelle, which is filled with lots of motor sport loving trashy crowd.

Of course no trip to IB is complete without a game of Fascination.

I did pretty good, played 8 games and won 2, both times winning double tickets for hitting the bonus line. Which allowed me to win this sweet Bernie Williams Framed Picture.

Speaking of games, the park got some new industrial looking game sheds this year. One is set up in front of the disgusting carp pound and the other in front of the former Chaos spot.

They don't really seem to fit in with the rest of Indiana Beach's 'random' style of building design.

I don't have a picture of it but I really like the Cornball Express. Thats a impressive wooden coaster for a park of this size.

I also did the House Of Frankenstein for the second time ever.

Its a neat house. Really more of a spooky themed fun house, then something designed to be frightening, but thats fine with my wussy ass so I enjoyed it. I really liked the room with all the doors in it and the Monster Band scene.

I rode the Den of Lost Thieves. I am not a big sally shoot em up dark ride guy, and this one is probably one the biggest reason as i have been on it a million times. Every time i ride it i think less and less effects work.

I shot a 490 today, not bad......... I think. When I was doing some shopping I did come across this T Shirt.

Hmmmn, "Dead Men Tell No Tales" wonder if I heard that at a theme park before.

The longest line in the park all day was this one:

It was for the specail 25 cent anniversary weekend hot dogs, I didn't wait for one.

My day at IB was cut a tad short because of weather, look at these two pictures one from when I arrived and the other from when I left:

Yea, that 'dark cloud of doom' brought with it quite the thunderstorm.

O yea I had to post this picture, Once I got back to my apartment look what I found parked in the lot:


Anyway, the afternoon outing was a blast and i really enjoyed myself. If you got any questions bout my day just post them in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

Hey there. I do the MySpace page here at Indiana Beach, and I wanted you to know I linked to your blog on our MySpace page. Great job on this entry.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I really enjoyyed it! I've been going to IB for 35 yrs, (since I was 1) and now I bring my kids there. I was so glad to see all your pics of the updates! I hope it doesn't get too big, but I'm glad it's getting updated. Anyway, awesome job on this Blog! Kudos!

Nicholas Tucker said...

Thanks for posting the picture of the map. I've been wanting to know where Steel Hawg is compared to the rest of the park.

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