Friday, July 18, 2008

Movie Review: Hancock

So I went to go see Hancock this week. This was one of the movies of the summer i was really looking forward to mostly because it was an original story not a sequel (Dark Knight, Indiana Jones, Mummy) not based on a comic book (Iron Man, Hulk) not an old TV Show (Get Smart). Nothing against those films, but sometimes I want to go see a big budget blockbuster based on a character I know nothing about. This one lived up to the hype I set for it, a very enjoyable movie. Will Smiths character is hilarious and had me cracking up quite a few times during the movie. One thing about Hancock is that in the middle of the movie there is a HUGE TWIST right in the middle, I was completely caught by surprised. It was nice to see some originality in Hollywood and I recomend going to see it.


and now to contradict most of what I just said tonight I am going to see the one movie this summer I was looking forward to more then any other The Dark Knight

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Tim Kretschmann said...

Pat, this actually was based on a comic book--just not one that was real popular or well known.